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Privacy Policy


  • Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject).

  • Processing of personal data means any operation or set of operations which is performed upon personal data or upon sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure, transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

  • Customer - a natural person (data subject) who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier using personal data held in a personal data processing system.

  • Customer "consent" means any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or an explicit affirmative action, gives his or her consent to the processing of his or her personal data.

  • Controller - means the natural or legal person, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data and provides access to personal data.

  • Authorised person means a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

  • Cookies are small text files (web browsing data) that are created and stored on the customer's device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) when visiting ROOPERT Ltd's websites.

  • Legitimate interests - the legitimate interests of ROOPERT Ltd. based on the provision of quality services and the legal basis provided that the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not override the legitimate interests of the company. ROOPERT Ltd has the right to process the personal data of the customer to the extent that is objectively necessary and sufficient to provide timely, high-quality, convenient service. As well as for the establishment and support of internal processes of ROOPERT Ltd. to prevent fraud in relation to ROOPERT Ltd.

  • Profiling means any form of automated processing of personal data which consists in the use of personal data for the purpose of evaluating certain personal aspects relating to a natural person, in particular to analyse or predict aspects relating to that natural person's stated personal preferences: interests, reliability, behaviour, location or movements. Profiling is carried out for the purpose of granting bonuses, creating and sending individual offers, wishes, which are offered for direct marketing purposes only (business purposes) and will not have legal consequences for the customer.

Processing of personal data

  • Roopert.lv collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the personal data of the client on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 and other applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

  • In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the processing of natural persons' data, ROOPERT Ltd. complies with the following principles:

  • The Roopert.lv department ensures lawful, fair processing of personal data;

  • The processing of the personal data received is carried out for specific purposes;

  • The personal data received is adequate, relevant;

  • The personal data received is accurate;

  • The personal data received is not retained longer than necessary and is disposed of when the stated purpose has been achieved;

  • ROOPERTkompānija Ltd. processes personal data in accordance with the rights of natural persons;

  • ROOPERT Ltd. ensures that personal data is kept securely;

  • ROOPERT Ltd. does not provide personal data received to other companies or outside the European Union, subject to secure, adequate protection on the basis of and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia and the Personal Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679.

Privacy Policy

  • The Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data of each customer and the service offered to the customer. The Privacy Policy provides information on how ROOPERT Ltd collects, processes, stores, shares, erases and protects customer personal data. ROOPERT Ltd ensures the lawful, fair processing of customer personal data.

Categories of processing of personal data

  • The categories of personal data depend on the services and products used by the customer. ROOPERT Ltd is entitled to process the following categories of personal data:

  • Data communicated by the customer to ROOPERT Ltd;

  • Name, surname, personal identification number or date of birth;

  • Correspondence address, telephone number, email address;

  • Bank data;

  • CCTV footage and images;

  • Communication data. Email address information - emails related to the customer's communication with the company;

  • Cookies - data about visiting the website of ROOPERT Ltd;

  • If the customer does not wish to allow the use of cookies, the customer may do so in the settings of his browser, but in this case the use of the website may be limited;

  • Data, time, amount of web browsing.

Basis for processing personal data

  • Customer consent. The client, as the subject of the personal data, gives his/her own consent (subject consent) to the collection and processing of personal data for certain purposes; the client's consent is his/her free will and independent decision, which may be given/withdrawn at any time, thus allowing ROOPERT Ltd. to process the personal data. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing or the quality of the services received based on the consent prior to withdrawal.

  • ROOPERT Ltd has legitimate interests based on offering quality services. ROOPERT Ltd. has the right to process the customer's personal data to the extent that is objectively necessary and sufficient to provide timely, high-quality, convenient service. As well as for the establishment and support of internal processes of ROOPERT Ltd.

  • Performance of legal duties of ROOPERT Ltd. Roopert.lv unit is entitled to process the client's personal data in order to comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments, to provide answers to lawful requests of the state and local government.

  • Contract conclusion and execution. In order to provide quality services and services to the customer, ROOPERT Ltd. collects and processes certain personal data that is collected before or during the conclusion of a contract.

  • Pursuing the public interest or official mandate. ROOPERT Ltd. is entitled to process personal data. In such cases, the basis for processing personal data is included and described in the regulatory enactments.

  • When processing the Customer's personal data, ROOPERT Ltd may carry out profiling for the purpose of granting bonuses, sending automated individual offers, which are offered for business purposes only and will not have legal consequences for the Customer.

Purposes for processing personal data

  • For the conclusion and performance of the contract with the client;

  • To assess the client's ability to meet its contractual obligations;

  • For efficient cash flow management, including client payments and debt administration;

  • For technical support related to the services provided;

  • For security purposes of video surveillance and to protect the legitimate interest of ROOPERT SIA (to ensure the security of property);

  • To promote the development of the sector and offer new services;

  • For processing statistical data and market analysis.

Obtaining personal data

  • ROOPERT Ltd. obtains the personal data of the customer when the customer:

  • Sign up for the ROOPERT Ltd newsletter;

  • Purchase and use products or services from ROOPERT Ltd;

  • Take part in competitions, lotteries or surveys;

  • Visit or browse the ROOPERT Ltd websites;

  • CCTV footage;

  • ROOPERT SIA and its authorised persons are entitled to process the client's personal data received from third parties (e.g. from the leasing company), if the client has consented to this, on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679;

  • ROOPERT SIA and their authorised persons are entitled to process the personal data received from the client on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679.

Period of retention of personal data

ROOPERT Ltd. is entitled to process and store personal data as long as:

  • The client's consent to the processing of personal data has not been withdrawn;
  • A time limit is needed for the realisation and protection of the legitimate interests of ROOPERT Ltd;
  • The retention period of personal data is set out in laws and regulations;
  • There is a contractual relationship between the client and ROOPERT Ltd;
  • Until the purpose for which the personal data is used, as determined at the time of receipt.

Sharing personal data

  • ROOPERT Ltd. shall provide personal data of the client only to the extent necessary and sufficient in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and taking into account the objective circumstances of the particular situation;

  • If necessary, ROOPERT Ltd. transfers the personal data of the customer to persons authorised by ROOPERT Ltd. on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679 and/or partners, agents, service providers involved in ensuring and improving the quality of products and services ordered or used by the customer;

  • ROOPERT SIA is entitled to transfer the client's personal data to law enforcement authorities, other state and municipal authorities, if this is a result of regulatory enactments or a request for information from the relevant authority.

Personal data protection

  • In order to protect the client's personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, destruction or disclosure, ROOPERT Ltd. uses modern technologies and complies with technical and organisational requirements;

  • ROOPERT Ltd. carefully checks all authorised persons, partners, agents, service providers, employees of the company who process personal data of the client, as well as assesses the application of appropriate security measures and storage of personal data in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments;

  • ROOPERT Ltd. shall not be liable for any unauthorised access to and/or loss of personal data where this is beyond the control of ROOPERT Ltd. (e.g. due to the fault and/or negligence of the customer).

Cancellation of processing of personal data and purchase

  • To cancel the processing of personal data and/or an order placed in the Roopert.lv online shop, please contact our customer support email: [email protected]

Client's rights

  • The Customer has the right to opt-out of receiving commercial communications and to object to the profiling of his/her personal data at any time;

  • Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing of personal data and/or the quality of the services received based on the consent prior to the withdrawal;

  • The Client has the right to rectify any personal data held about him or her;

  • The customer has the right to request the erasure or restriction of the processing of personal data the processing of which is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed ("right to be forgotten") by submitting a request to the customer support email: [email protected].

  • The client has the right to obtain information about the natural or legal persons who have received information about that client;

  • The Customer has the right to receive or transfer his/her personal data to another data controller ("data portability"). This right includes only data that the Customer has provided to ROOPERT Ltd. on the basis of its consent or contract, if the processing is carried out by automated means. In order to exercise the above rights, a written application is required.

Delivery policy

  • Omniva services are used for delivery services in the Baltic region.

  • The processing of the transaction, from the moment of receipt of payment, takes place within the next working day. Preparation and packaging of the products usually takes place on the same or next working day, depending on the number of requests.

  • The goods can be dispatched from Roopert.lv warehouse within 1-3 working days from the receipt of payment.

  • The delivery service provider promises to deliver the service within 1 to 5 working days in Latvia and the Baltic States.

  • By experience (Omniva Latvija - 1-2 days from the day the parcel is handed over to the courier.)

  • Roopert.lv is used by Omniva in Latvia.

  • If the customer additionally uses a free shipping voucher code, the products are primarily shipped via Omniva.

  • In Latvia, the cost of Omniva services for the smallest parcel is 2.88€

Payment terms

  • Customers can choose to pay through their usual bank - BankLink, or use card payments. 

  • Payment processing is handled by the Montonio platform.

Purchase procedure:

  • the customer gets acquainted with the products offered by Roopert.lv;
  • select and add the item or items of interest to your shopping basket;
  • fill in the form;
  • choose a delivery address and payment method
  • approve the terms of the privacy policy;
  • confirms the purchase

  • ROOPERT SIA and Roopert.lv transfer the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the authorised payment processors:*PaySera,*Direct Bank Transfer: payment by bank transfer.

  • The payment methods and payment system providers available on Roopert.lv provide the most secure processing technology and the latest industry standards.

Order with diopters:

  • the lenses take between 5 and 14 days to develop;

  • In the case of returns, only the frame can be refunded, as the lenses are custom-made for each dioptre;

  • by entering the prescription details, the customer is aware that the information created is up-to-date and it will not be possible to exchange the lenses or get a refund;

  • lenses are manufactured by certified professionals, so we guarantee quality and precision;

Voucher conditions

  • The Roopert.lv online shop offers you to add a voucher code at the checkout. The voucher code can be obtained through marketing campaigns. We also send coupon codes to our existing customers by email. The coupon codes are intended to be used by the customer to obtain a discount on the purchase or delivery. When you receive a voucher code, it will always say whether it is a single voucher or an unlimited voucher.

Returns policy

  • Of course! To take advantage of this opportunity and to stand out with good customer service for our customers, we offer a 14-day return guarantee. The customer has the right to reject the product and return the Roopert.lv product to the supplier within 14 days of delivery.

  • If the customer wants to return the product in case of a fault, the procedure is as follows:

  • 1. the Customer sends a message to: [email protected] from the email address entered in the payment document.

  • The email must include: proof of payment for the purchase of the goods. Please provide information about the place where the buyer has become familiar with the Roopert.lv campaign. A small, logical explanation and photo of why the product is being returned.

  • The Roopert.lv team assesses the reason, contacts the client within 3 days of receiving the email, informs the client of the decision and the subsequent developments.

  • In case of a positive return decision, the customer sends the undamaged packaging and the defective product sample to the Omniva outlet (Riga, Children's World RIMI outlet, Tel. +371 25425137, Recipient - ROOPERT SIA).

  • After receiving the product packaging, the Roopert.lv team will refund the customer's money for the product within 7 days, using the payment method used. Shipping costs are not refunded (the refund period may vary from payment operator to payment operator).

  • A full refund for the product purchased, excluding shipping costs.

  • If the product is purchased during the campaign period, the value of the product is returned to the customer and taken into account when calculating the total campaign price.

  • After receiving the product and the application, the Roopert.lv team assesses whether all the conditions for returning the product have been met and contacts the customer. The customer is refunded in full with the payment method originally used.

  • The customer is responsible for the return and shipping costs.

  • In all cases, we will try to look into the reasons for the customer's dissatisfaction and resolve the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • Our main focus is long-term customer satisfaction, so we will do our best to meet your needs