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ROOPERT children's computer glasses

Children's computer glasses

Why do children need computer glasses?

Do you agree that nowadays our children cannot escape digital smart devices? Even if we try to minimise the time spent in front of computer, phone or other smart device screens, we cannot avoid it completely. But how can children's computer glasses help?

The blue radiation emitted is harmful to both the eyes and the body. It is therefore advisable to avoid it! With children's computer glasses, it is possible to prevent blue radiation from entering the eyes directly, as the unique lenses block it!

Which computer glasses would suit your child best?

How can children's computer glasses help?

As with UV radiation and prolonged exposure to the sun, our eyes need to be protected just like our skin. No one can imagine spending hours under the sun without a quality sunscreen that protects the skin. The same goes for our eyes.

Our daily lives are increasingly made up of digital devices, and we are increasingly aware that our eyes are suffering and need to be protected. Computer glasses can help, as can sunscreen.

Children's computer glasses consist of specially designed lenses with a coating that protects your eyes from the blue light that screens produce. The eyes are less tired, protected and feel better. Computer glasses protect your eyes!

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Children's computer glasses
Children's computer glasses

What is the harm of prolonged screen use for a child without computer glasses?

Of course, we can't really avoid using computers and other screens, and there are no major risks or problems in using them temporarily. However, prolonged use of screens can lead to various eye problems, which may have already been reported.

Here are the most common problems that can arise from excessive use of screens:

  • Dry and strained eyes. The most common problem, characterised by a burning and stinging sensation in the eyes, as well as redness and irritation to light. These symptoms can lead to computer vision syndrome. It is characterised by headaches, blurred vision and trigger pain.
  • Jittery sleep. Harvard researchers have discovered (read the article here) that spending six hours a day in front of different screens can shift the sleep cycle by up to 3 hours more than usual. Also, the blue light from screens significantly reduces the hormone melatonin, which is vital for a good night's sleep.
  • Tired eyes. Dry eyes and computer vision syndrome are not the only eye problems that can occur with prolonged screen use. Tired eyes are a problem that can occur frequently. They make it difficult to concentrate at work or in other activities.
  • Vision problems. Unfortunately, once your eyes start to suffer, vision problems are only a matter of time. It is common for vision to deteriorate with age, but excessive screen use can, and often does, accelerate this process. Therefore, if you work with a computer every day, you need to act early and take care of your eyes and vision.

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